What Makes Our Security Officers Different

Our Security Officers have undergone an extensive criminal background check, drug testing and a training program to make certain that our clients receive superior performance. Our officers also know that personal appearance matters. An Officer who is "squared away" is less likely to be challenged.


Additionally, an Officer who takes pride in their own appearance is more likely to be attentive to our client's needs. Our Officers provide an impressive secure image to your organization.


Before our Security Officers are sent on an assignment, they have received training in Criminal Law, Effective Communication Skills, De-escalation techniques, CPR, AED, Diabetic Event Recognition and basic first aid. With this training, we know that our Officers are capable of handling any situation that might arise.


Our Executive Protection Team is trained to a higher level. Their training includes Active Shooter Response, Defensive Tactics, Handgun, Shotgun and Combat Rifle. LAW Security Group, LLC has enlisted FBI and NRA Certified firearms instructors to provide our Officers with the highest level of training available. The training of our Executive Protection Teams does not stop once they are hired, our Officers qualify with their weapons to the State Law Enforcement Standard twice yearly.

What Makes Our Management Different

At LAW Security Group, LLC, we use guard management software to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of performance from our Officers. This software allows us to establish a Geo-fence around the client's property so that the guard can only clock in once on site. After clocking in, the program tracks the guards movement through real-time GPS tracking to ensure that the guard is performing the required duties. This software also allows for the placement of patrol markers that the Officer will scan with their cell phone to document specific inspection points during their patrol. From these data points, daily activity and incident reports can be generated for the client's review.