The Security Consulting team at LAW Security Group utilizes a wide variety of Education, Experience and Training to analyze our client's security needs and then develop a security plan to better protect the client's assets.

Our Security Consultants analyze the client’s security needs and propose solutions that are relevant, effective and practical.

The security consulting process begins with a clear comprehension of the client’s security requirements grounded in an updated Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (RTVA). Based on the RTVA, security consultants then recommend risk-mitigating solutions in accordance with the client’s goals, culture and budget. LAW Security Officers may or may not be involved in the implementation of the recommended solutions.

Organizations use our security consulting services in order to create a solid foundation for establishing or improving security policies, practices and procedures. Our consulting services also provide objective, third-party evaluations of current security operations and Equipment placement and pricing.


Church Security Consulting

It is becoming more and more frequent to hear about a violent attack at a Church. Most churches have members of their congregation that are willing to take on the responsibility for looking our for the rest of the flock. LAW Security Group recognized that not all of these sheepdogs have the training needed.

LAW Security Group has developed a training plan to assist churches with development, implementation, and maintenance of a security ministry.

Having been tasked with developing a security ministry in our own churches, we very quickly realized there was a very limited amount of personalized training available. We have developed a step by step program that can be tailored to your church, that will educate, encourage and assist you through what some might consider a very daunting task. With our assistance… that task becomes a lot less daunting.