Residential Security / Patrols

There is no place where it is more important to feel safe than your home. The Officers of LAW Security Group are trained to be attentive to the criminal behavior while being sensitive to the culture of the neighborhood. At LAW Security Group, we encourage our Officers to interact and get to know the residents, so that the residents are more comfortable in asking our Security Officers for assistance. This interaction helps to provide better security and make everyone feel safer.

In addition to monitoring gate access, your Security Officers can also patrol the neighborhood streets to identify unwelcomed individuals and detect criminal activity before they are a threat to your safety. The presence of your Uniformed Security Officers and marked patrol vehicles, are a visible deterrent to criminal behavior. Additionally, our Security Officers will coordinate with local law enforcement to form a greater barrier to criminal behavior that affects you and your family.

When guests to the neighborhood approach the entry gate, your Security Officer will greet them with a smile. After ensuring they are an invited guest, your Security Officer will provide your guest with directions to your residence.

From the entry gates to helping in emergency situation, our security teams are trained to make certain that the people in the community feel completely safe.

Commercial Security

A business complex is considered to be one of the most multifaceted challenges for a Security Officer. A business complex is a place that is visited by a variety of vendors, tenants and guests; each with different characteristics and requirements. The Security Officer must be attentive to each tenant's needs, while maintaining the authority to enforce the rules of the venue.

In addition to the office environment, busy parking lots present Security Officers with an entirely different challenge. The Security Officer must watch for auto burglary suspects, trespassers and unauthorized parking. LAW Security Group Officers are also the eyes and ears of the property management by identifying repair needs for maintenance personnel and notifying management in the event of a water leak or other catastrophic situation.

A complicated environment like this demands the attention of a professional security service like LAW Security Group. Controlling the human traffic, keeping an eye on each and every individual, managing the parking lot, looking after the infrastructure, assuring the safety of the guests, etc. are only a small list of things that require the attention of a professional security guard.

The professionally trained, attentive Security Officers that represent LAW Security Group can assure peace of mind for the management.

office security

Hotel/Hospitality Security

Guests feel at ease when they see LAW Security Group because the sight of these Officers lets the guests know that when they are on the premises, their persons and their valuables are in safe hands. Although the hotel security guards might not always be in plain sight, such as when they are patrolling the property, they are always nearby and ready to respond when a security situation arises.

LAW Security Group personnel protect your guests from a number of risks, including unwelcome visitors, altercations in the rooms, property theft, and even health issues in the event that someone with First-Aid / CPR training is needed. Due to their high level of training and knowledge, our Security Officers know how to act quickly and effectively in any given situation.

In all situations, the Security Officers at LAW Security Group act in a manner that is cordial and professional, making them an invaluable presence for your hotel and for your guests.

Emergency Response Security

24/7 Security Services for emergencies and disasters
Our emergency response security services are available 24/7. Whether it’s a natural disaster or a community safety threat, our teams are ready to respond.


In the event of a natural disaster, LAW Security Group’s Special Response Team—staffed by highly trained officers—is prepared for rapid deployment. We are ready to assist your business or community with rapid and flexible solutions, such as:

  • Immediate response for emergencies or unexpected situations
  • Dispatch of armed or unarmed officers
  • Retail protection services in the event of alarm failure, natural disaster or civil unrest
  • Protection teams for infrastructure repair crews


With backgrounds in law enforcement and the military, LAW Security Group’s Management team and officers are extremely experienced and equipped to handle the most difficult situations. Each of our security officers has been hand selected and trained in disaster response. In addition to their training, our guards are provided with the most up-to-date information from local, state, and federal agencies by way of our Mobile Command Center. Our Mobile Command Center monitors situations as they develop, constantly assessing the needs of our clients and adjusting security officer staffing to rapidly address any changes as they arise.


Call us today to assess, discuss and develop your emergency procedures and disaster security plans: (769) 300-4147