Private Parties

LAW Security Group provides you with a full spectrum of event security services ranging from large scale events to intimate gatherings. We offer premiere security, guest check-in services, police liaison, interior security, fixed and mobile patrols.


Sporting Events

Security has always been a mainstay at sporting events. However, stadiums are beefing up their security efforts in order to ensure a safe environment for people to come and enjoy sporting events. The landscape of stadiums and arenas has changed over the past decade. Attending a sporting event is now about the total experience, not just game time.

Fans can be found outside the stadium tailgating, inside the stadium partying or playing with their children on the included playgrounds. Security services need to make sure that fans are protected in every area of the stadium.

Not only has the landscape of stadiums changed to make a total experience for fans, the atmosphere has changed as well. Gone are the days of a security guard’s biggest job being to corral a rowdy fan who’s had too much to drink. Today, security guards need to be on high alert for terrorist threats. As security services for sporting events takes off, if you are in charge of stadium security, you may be looking to add additional guards to your game day staff.
LAW Security Group employs highly trained and skilled personnel who are equipped to handle any situation that may arise.



With an increase in criminal activity and acts of violence being committed against our houses of worship, the church must become intentional in its efforts to create an atmosphere of awareness and safety. Religious institutions require professional security assessments, quality active shooter training, and adaptable regular and event security solutions. This type of security is generally a no frills, day-in, day-out, static security need. Reliability, professionalism, and ability to follow procedure are a must. Our staff functions as our clients’ front line customer service personnel in addition to security, maintaining positive relationships and creating new ones. LAW Security Group creates and executes solutions for our clients to accomplish their site specific safety and security objectives.

For training of your in-house security team, see our Security Consulting page.