Security Risk Management

In some scenarios, standard security procedures may be insufficient to mitigate the risks of living a public life. However, in some circumstances, a more specialized form of protection may be necessary—a type of security program that offers a more attentive and responsive approach to personal protection.

LAW Security Group is a distinguished security firm with solid experience providing executive protection services. Our team has one goal: to provide our high-profile clients with total peace of mind that they are safe from harm.

Executive protection is an elite service only offered by top executive protection companies. Extensive training and real-world experience for agents include Route Planning & Security Driving, Defensive Tactics, Tactical Firearms, Emergency First Response Secondary Care (First Aid), and more.

In addition to our Executive Protection services, LAW Security Group offers a lower profile "Security Escort" service to ensure the safety of family members and other peripheral individuals. This service is frequently used when family members of high-profile or affluent individuals travel from secure areas and someone to oversee their safety is needed.